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I call the shop my mid life crisis, as I quit a solid 15 year career in the media to literally build a shed in the garden of the Horse Guards Inn, Tillington, an amazing pub in West Sussex. It's the best decision I made. It's my little bit of heaven. My husband and I have been renovating houses for the last ten years to try and provide enough room for our 4 kids.  Somewhere along the line I fell in love with interiors, upholstery and antiques, so in that sense I suppose I am a self made stylist.  


Upholstery is 'my boxing', it's very physical.  I love stripping chairs back and bringing them back to life, and pushing the boundaries with the textiles and fabrics I use.  I think this is what my clients like about the chairs I make for them. We create chairs that make a room, chairs that you won't ever see in a high street store. Each one is different, personal and unique.

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